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Gol Artdesign – a design studio and workshop (carpentry) specializing in the design and production of learning environments, the studio was founded by Gal and Ronit Nadav about nine years ago, and currently has about ten designers, components and management personnel, who function in practice as a conceptual design group. The work is done in a common space, with joint thinking, constant consultation and creative collaboration.

The studio specializes in carrying out special projects, mainly in an educational-design orientation, and has worked in recent years in the planning and design of learning environments, in hundreds of schools and educational spaces all over the country.

On this website you can get an impression of the studio’s work, including: design of foyers and corridors, design of teachers’ rooms, design of libraries, design of classrooms in various subjects (for example science class, computers, language), design of bridal rooms, management offices and more. The heart of the studio’s educational and design work is the creation of spaces suitable for learning in the 21st century – spaces that enable a different kind of learning, one that is done through experience, creativity, curiosity and exploration.

In the framework of the design, the studio team places emphasis on providing a solution for all types of students, including those for whom sitting at a conventional desk is not suitable,
For example, creating learning corners in different ways such as movement in space, sitting low, standing, etc.

Next to the studio, the workshop/carpentry works where the items designed by the studio are manufactured, mainly furniture for schools and educational institutions, which is designed as smart, designed, high-quality and durable furniture. The furniture is built with the students in mind, their measurements and needs. Most of the furniture is modular , one that allows for a variety of uses, with their help you can create different classroom structures that enable experiential learning that is relevant to today.

The ambition of the studio team is to continue leading the field of innovative learning, to change the nature of schools in Israel, to create a pleasant, inviting and relevant environment for today’s students.

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